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Tea y Camaleón son hermanos (Tea and Chameleon are siblings)


In November 2019, my first picture book "Tea y Camaleón son hermanos" (Tea and Chameleon are siblings) was released in Spain!

Q1. What kind of children's book is it?

A. This children's book is a book about the mysterious and happy daily life of a girl "Tea" wearing a chameleon costume and her younger brother "Chameleon".

The mysterious world that spreads with Tea's free ideas gently envelops the chameleon. It is a picture book that even adults can enjoy, with lots of hints that make you feel happy even in a small event.

The book also consists of three small stories, each with a title.

1. Great tea cloud

2. Ghosts don’t exist

3. Concert

In each story, Tea teaches Chameleon various things.

Q2. What are the highlights of this book?

A. I think No. 1 is this gentle world and illustrations.

Another highlight is the feeling of happiness and the joy of having a brother.

Also, I would like you to see the unique characters such as Tea and Chameleon, as well as the vehicles and tools that you have never seen in the story.

Q3. How was this book born?

A. At the Bologna Children's Book Fair in Bologna, Italy in 2017, I met Arianna, the editor of A buen paso, a Spanish publisher. And It was completed in collaboration with the Chilean poet María José Ferrada.It was my first time to work in English, so I had a lot of trouble, but I spent about a year making it.

In the future, I would like to make this children's book a series. Before that, I would like to publish a Japanese version as well!



Title: Tea y Camaleón son hermanos

(Tea and Chameleon are siblings)

Language: Spanish / Catalan

ISBN: 978-84-17555-25-2 (Spanish) / 978-84-17555-26-9 (Catalan)

Publisher: A buen paso (published in November 2020)

Please click here to purchase in US → Amazon

You can find it by searching for the title of this book "Tea y Camaleón son hermanos" on Amazon in your country.



・ Romanian version will be published in the spring of 2022! → Editura Katartis

・ Selected as one of the books to be introduced to Japan in New Spanish Books. → New Spanish Books

・ Featured in "La Vanguardia". → LAVANGUARDIA


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