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絵本「ティーさんとカメレオンはきょうだい」完成しました!! あとは本屋さんに並ぶだけ! まだ手元に絵本届いていないので、少し実感がありません。 スペインから到着楽しみに待っています!


The children’s book "Tea y Camaleón son hermanos" has been completed!! All that is left is to going the bookstore! The book hasn't arrived to me yet. I look forward to receiving that book!




This childre's book was published in two languages: Spanish and Catalan.

I would be happy if a Japanese translated version was published ...



The left is the poet Maria Jose Ferrada and the right is the editor Arianna Squilloni. I also wanted to be there!


text : Maria Jose Ferrad (マリア・ホセ・フェラーダ) Illustration / original idea : Koichiro Kashima (鹿島 孝一郎) publisher : A buen paso editorial . ISBN : 978-84-17555-25-2

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