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Tea and Chameleon "sculptures"


(前の何倍も大きなサイズ!) ティーさんの形が描いているうちに年々変わってきたので、1度ちゃんとした立体を作らないと駄目だなと… . In September, I made "Tea and Chameleon" sculptures! I was worried that every time I drew them, their shape changed little by little. So I had to make sculptures once.


(形作る段階が一番大変…)でも立体をつくると色々なことに役立ちます。 難しいポーズを描く時や、形に間違いがないかすぐにわかることなど、それに存在感あって嬉しいし… 良いことたくさんありますよ。 . Knead clay, make shape, bake in toaster, polish up, and paint... (These are a little hard work...) But, sculpture gives me various good results. It is useful for drawing difficult poses and checking for correct shape. And I'm happy because sculpture has a strong presence.

次の個展では色々新作や絵本原画も発表しますが、絵本に登場する子たちの新しい彫刻も何体か作って発表したいです。 . In the next solo exhibition, I would like to present not only new illustrations but also new clay sculptures.

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