Tea and Chameleon "sculptures"

October 14, 2019


In September, I made "Tea and Chameleon" sculptures!
I was worried that every time I drew them, their shape changed little by little. So I had to make sculptures once.


難しいポーズを描く時や、形に間違いがないかすぐにわかることなど、それに存在感あって嬉しいし… 良いことたくさんありますよ。
Knead clay, make shape, bake in toaster, polish up, and paint... (These are a little hard work...)
But, sculpture gives me various good results.
It is useful for drawing difficult poses and checking for correct shape.
And I'm happy because sculpture has a strong presence.

In the next solo exhibition, I would like to present not only new illustrations but also new clay sculptures.


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Koichiro Kashima / 鹿島 孝一郎
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