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- ​Ms.Tea & Chameleon -

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Ms.Tea & Chameleon





2019年10月スペインでは、このシリーズ初の絵本 "Tea y Camaleón son hermanos" (ティーさんとカメレオンはきょうだい)が出版されました。




"Ms.Tea & Chameleon" series is a story about the girl named Tea wearing the Chameleon costume and her brother chameleon.


In October 2019, the first children's book "Tea y Camaleón son hermanos" (Tea and Chameleon are siblings) was published in Spain.


In this series, I produce not only children's books and illustrations, but also sculptures and animations.


Koichiro Kashima

- ​The tale of Punana -

The tale of Punana





The main character of this world is a stuffed dinosaur called "Punana".

This series is a work depicting the growth story of “Punana” in a single picture.

This is the first series I drew.


 Koichiro Kashima

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